Wednesday, January 11, 2012

client is always right

selalu dengar customer is always rite..


same goes to client

who is client? for me..people who will give me money..oil and gas company @ petrochemical plant and other power plant.

so in this case, sama ja ngan customer..(like korang gi kedai beli barang or makan kat restaurant)

maybe lain bidang..but it is still a business..korang as tuan kedai la..

so, what I need to do is...avoid any mistake, take care of their feeling, treat em' well..

even my heart is broken..

when there's something wrong happen, what we can do is keep silent and maintain your smile, listen to em', only say yes and agree, never argue, be patience, try to improve and give the best possible job.

my sticky note: hwaiting cha!!

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me suya said...

and here, me always right.since my company is always being a client to others.. hehehe

cha apple said...



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goctHa! hehe