Sunday, January 13, 2013

Music and Life

hye guys...

do you love music?
i really love music since i was a child..
my mom told me, everytime she wanted me to get sleep, she will turn on the radio and dodoikan i..

there a million kinds of music in the world.. and i don't put any limit in choice of music.. i love all of them..don't care much what language are they.
also listen to even though I cannot understand mandarin 100%
I just love to listen mandarin songs.

whenever i feel bored, happy, sad, stress , i just love to take my earphone and turn on the music.
because it may help to keep me calm....sometimes.

songs also can drag us to memories.
am I right?
the melodies and lyrics also can make people happy or sad. it depends..

i just found someone said that
"People love music because it expresses feelings that most people can never say to someone. Listening to music can help people feel better when they're having a bad day"

my opinion is, it depends on people.. some people like, some are not.

sticky note: i love my dance life..

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