Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The best Place #saloon

hye guys...

Do you love to be at "saLooN"?
Me? Hell yaaaa!! I do really love to be there..sangat!!.wo zhen de xi huan! *jerit kuat2*
for me saloon is one of the best place to release my stress instead of hair management.
well, I sangat2 cerewet about saloon ni... so, 1st impression must be good la kan kalau try mana2 saloon...
i mean, the location, clean and tidy place, how they treat us, price, what product they are used, and paling best bila hairstylist give info bout how to care your hair..that is why, there are only few saloon yang I jadi "regular customer".

whenever I feel so bored, sad, stress or moody.... memang I will be at saloon la.. sampai time kerja pon... haha..sshhhhh....! *rahsia*
and automatically, my mood will turn OKEY! *okey, propa sangat*
~siapa nak ambil hati, sila bawa saya ke saloon yang terbaik ok. haha~

I start to take care of my hair since I was at USM. Once a week I will wash my hair kat saloon.. sebab I rasa buat sendiri tak sama la dengan saloon. and I really love smell of saloon's shampoo..and ada shoulder and back massage. wuhuuuu...

BeST kan???? hahaha

for those yang nak potong rambut or change your hairstyle, better u choose the best saloon because I pernah menyesal past 7 months T____T . but glad ada orang bring me to another saloon to repair my hair. yippii !
Normally, Hairstylist akan advice u guys which style is suitable with your face before diorang potong. yang penting!!! --> satisfy la with the result.

so, AZAM this year, I'm gonna put extra care of my hair by doing monthly treatment and weekly wash at saloon. oh gitu! hahaha... kaya la tokey saloon..

promote sikit saloon i selalu gi kat Paka.. hehe

sticky note: siapa2 yang ada saloon best, mohon bagitahu okey!

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