Tuesday, August 9, 2011

how to gain PAHALA

Six easy ways to earn even after death.

1) Give a copy of Qur'an to someone. Each time one reads 

from it, u gain.

2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, u gain.

3) Participate in building a Masjid.

4) Place water cooler in a public place.

btw, cutenye!!
5) Plant a tree. U Gain whenever a person, animal sits in its shade or eats from it.
6) And the easiest of all, Sharing this messaGe with people. Even if 1 applies any of the above, u gain..

*pics source = google image*

nota selit: sekadar berkongsi info dari Hamba Allah yang lain. jom beramal! :)

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me suya said...

nt aku try buat~
yang aku buat sekarang ni baca entry mg..so mg gain pahala from me..

cha apple said...

haa..camni la umet ak..hahaha..g la bramall..


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goctHa! hehe