Wednesday, October 12, 2011

tahukah anda...

mostly girls like pink...everything is pink..handphone, laptop, ipod, shoes, lipstick, dress, teddy, pencil box pun pink..
but do you know what is PINK?

En. Wiki tulis, Merah Jambu atau nama glamournya  Pink merupakan gabungan warna putih dan merah..  
Pink is sometimes referred to as "the color of love." 
Istilah PiNk mula digunakan pada 17th century

Pelbagai makna ditafsirkan dari warna PINK seperti warna Bunga Ros..

and in my view, why people especially girls like pink.. because pink is sweet and cute..and also CERIA ! it?? hehee.... so guys, kalau nak kasi present for glitter girls outside, make sure it is pink okey!

cici and pinky
nota selit : i LOVE pink too!!!! 

sparkle effects

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