Saturday, February 11, 2012

7 Types of girls

Salam and Morning guys... (well, almost afternoon pun..haha)
Seriously  not remember where did I got this thing but I just found in my e-mail which I sent to my boy last time.. hahaha.. and already got the answer... (so suweeeetttt)

Basically 7 types of girls,
which 1 is yours?

  1. Hard Disc Girls : Remember everything forever
  2. Ram Girls : Forget everything bout u the moment u go away from her
  3. ScreenSaver Girls : Just for looking
  4. Internet Girls : Difficult to access
  5. Server Girls : Always busy when needed
  6. Multimedia Girls : Always make horrible thing looks beautiful
  7. Virus : Once enters in your system dont leave even after format

Girls, if u wanna know the answer, then ask your boy! hahaha....

Sticky notes: sharing is love! is it? ermmm......

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B33HA LoV4to said...

aku mesti hard disc girl ni..kui3

cha apple said...

nice ^__^

Youhazreenda said...

hmm interesting... hihihihi ;D

cha apple said...

kan.....? hahaha...reen, p tnye ur boy cepat...haha

me suya said...

aku tataw nak fall tang mana..

cha apple said...

suya : aku bagi mu 7 7 complete set..nak? haha


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goctHa! hehe